Network Security

We recognise the value of your company’s network

The firewall services we provide let you run your business without worrying about your network’s security. In addition to protecting your staff and customers from security threats such as identity theft, we’ll protect your important data. Our unique system scouts out and removes viruses and spyware that may have inadvertently been downloaded on the Internet and can report on where users of your system spend time on the Internet.

we use a wide range of firewall services, from DrayTek to Cisco, we will provide all your security needs in a small neat package.

Our experts can discover and eliminate threats before they impact your company and cause damage or expensive downtime! Our network security solution plan provides:

  • Regular reports – monitor Internet usage and track website usage
  • Perimeter security – keep viruses and intruders out of your business
  • DNS filtering – block harmful or unsafe sites to increase productivity
  • Wi-Fi and 4G/5G services – safely use mobile devices throughout your office via split VLANS

All of these services, including preventative maintenance and updates, are available for a flat-rate monthly fee.

We maintain, monitor and manage your network so your company can enjoy
greater productivity and enhanced security.

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